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      Alison at Home

      Glamorous bedroom ideas for your Christmas guests

      Christmas is a time of year when we think of the possibility of miracles and good things happening.

      But it can also be a time of stress as we try to get the house ready for multiple visitors. It’s around this time we look a little more closely at our homes, as they are about to come under scrutiny from others, and notice the failings.

      Guest bedrooms are often a problem area, as they are typically empty the majority of the time and get less attention. The issue is, by the time we remember to give them the once over, it’s probably getting very close to Christmas, so a paint job or renovation is out of the question.

      Which is where bedspreads come into their own. The bed is almost certainly the biggest surface area of any item in the bedroom and thus capable of making a big impact. Covering it with a glamorous new bedspread is a way of creating instant impact and drawing the eye away from other minor flaws in the room.

      Velvet is very much a fabric of the moment and a full velvet pintuck bedspread is a really dramatic statement that will definitely impress visitors. For something a little more sleek and Hollywood, a matte satin bedspread also screams decadence and glamour.

      Matching pillows are a must, as they finish off the look, and for the ultimate layered look of luxury, add a faux fur throw to the end of the bed.

      Finish off with a scented candle by the bedside and perhaps a lantern, and you’ll have a bedroom that will enchant any guest and make them feel truly at home.


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